søndag 24. mars 2013

Wow…this is me!!

Last weekend I was participating in a exhibition called “Aktiv Fritid” , working at the stand for my stone club. Among the exposers  was also the perfumery shop called Vita. Without me knowing it, my daughter had signed me up in a raffle from Vita where 20 persons could have their “makeover” with a proffesional makeup artist. And I was one of the lucky girls this weekend.

I was a litle surprised when they told me it would take about 90 min, cause I thought it would be just a quick make up. But I was wrong…..

There were 4 stops at the stand. It started by doing my nails, then it was the hair with good ideas of how you can style your hair easily with different kind of products, then it was the skin analyses and how to adjust using different kind of products to do the best for the skin. And then at last…. the make up. Oh my g….!!! (Since I knew that I was having my makeup quite early this day, I had only put on a little mascara.)

To be on a stand were about 5000 people passes you in two days, and 1/3 of them is stopping to talk to you, it feels good to know that you dont look as a mess, and wow what a feeling I had the rest of the day…

Stephan Ulvund Øien is a professional makeup artist working for Isadora  since 2010.  You could feel his passion for the profession in every touch he did to my face.  And what a touch…it was like magic. Using colors that I never thought of using myself.  I think he even made me look some years younger….

    Siw BG

I do have a very sensitive dry skin in my face and I am allergic to all kind of fragrance in cosmetic products. The Isadora products felt very good to my skin and I did wear it all day without any problems.

Well, so much for the Isadora commercial, but I really felt good about this new face of mine, just wish I could do half of it myself. But at least I have been shopping some new Isadora products at Vita.

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