lørdag 7. mai 2011

Hagedag / Gardening

This day has been most relaxing!

We started by going to town to do some shopping. Some flowers for the garden and new sneakers for me. What else we got home with??? Some “nice-to-have”-things for the kitchen, a new toolbox, and of course some chokolate.

Of course I bought some “good-to-have” things also. Like this blue strawberry jug. Will be nice to watch it grow. I also bought some red hot chilipepper to grow.

Ute-dag 7.mai 2011 003

After spending some time outside, we made a bonfire and had some hot dogs and marshmallows to heat up, and a beer to cool down with. There are not many days / evenings like this at Godøy, so we have to enjoy them when they comes.

Ute-dag 7.mai 2011 021

Please – please…… Let there be more of these days to come!!

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